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Bike Fitting

We Offer Professional Fit Services from Erg Cycling

Erg Cycling’s analysis is a process that improves your cycling experience by providing very specific modifications to your body's position on the bike. Your position should be a precise interaction between a number of variables—including joint angles, exercise economy, mechanical efficiency, and comfort—all to minimize resistive force and maximize velocity while also reducing the risk of injury.  Learn more about Erg Cycling here

Bike Fit Options

Pre-Purchase Fit Analysis

Get fit to the perfect bike style and size before you purchase your next ride! This process is used to identify frame size, crank length, stem length, handlebar width, and a preferred saddle. Erg will work with you and your preferred bike shop to make your new bike purchase as simple and confident as possible.

This package includes the initial bike fit, product exploration, and up to two follow-up analysis sessions (as needed) within a three-month period of your initial appointment.

Standard Bike Fit & Analysis

This is a comprehensive cycling analysis available for any type of bike—road, cyclocross, tri/TT, mountain, gravel...

The process includes documentation of your improved bike and body position and up to two follow-ups (within three months of your appointment) if you end up wanting to tweak more.

Hourly Work

Not racing? Have a second or third bike? Get new shoes? Want to try a new saddle or crank length? Are you using flat pedals (no clip-in) to ride?

Let's get your position optimized for whatever your circumstance. This process can also be a good path for newer or recreational riders to achieve more comfort.

Does not include documentation and further follow ups are also hourly.

Find Your Perfect Saddle